Outfit Your Team For Military Safety

Slate Safety helps prevent the number one cause of line-of-duty injuries and deaths: overexertion.


Hunter Morgan

Instructors and training officers handle multiple responsibilities, [Slate Safety] provides a set of eyes that are always watching for fatigue and heat-stress.

Training Lieutenant

East Dubuque

Valuable equipment to assist in providing potential solutions to assist in reducing line of duty deaths.

Fire Department

Chris Townes

In the event of an emergency, we can look at the data collected from the system and use that for our treatment and records.

Field Supervisor

Trusted Partners

Analyze Trends. Manage Exertion Levels.

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Rugged, Responsive, Ready For Action

3+ Day Battery Life

Rugged and Durable

Real-Time Monitoring

Deep Indoor Signal Penetration

Automated and Simple

Set Your Own Alerts

Water Resistant

Monitor Your Entire Team

Heat Resistant

Dust Proof

Heat Resistant

Dust Proof

Smart PPE

Stop guessing how your team is doing and focus more on the task at hand. Slate Safety provides smart PPE that alerts for heat stress and overexertion. Sensors measure health data including heart rate, core body temperature, exertion and more using passive, real time wearable technology.

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